Windshield Replacement: What’s The Real Cost?

windshield replacement cost


We Hoosiers know Indiana’s harsh winters and long commutes can take a toll on your car. The costs of maintaining your vehicle can add up quickly, so it’s important to do your homework when getting your front windshield replaced. Average windshield replacement costs can vary  greatly, depending on the quality, materials, level of workmanship, and any guarantees offered with the service. Since your car windshield is crucial to the safety of you and your passengers, this isn’t a place to skimp. Here are a few factors to consider when determining your auto windshield replacement costs.


Determine If Your Insurance Will Cover the Costs

Are you having your windshield replacement because of an accident with another vehicle? Is your back windshield busted because of a fallen tree or unexpected event? Perhaps severe winter weather took a toll on your windshield and caused a crack that’s too large to safely repair. Your insurance, whether it’s comprehensive or limited, will have different policies on what they will cover. Many policies do not cover average windshield replacement costs that are caused by everyday wear and tear. Or, the deductible might be low enough that paying out of pocket makes more sense than filing a claim and risking an increase to your monthly premium.


Do You Need An On-Site Replacement or In-Shop Service?

The depth, length, and location of the crack, coupled with the time of year, might render your car unfit to drive. A professional auto glass replacement service, like Low Price Auto Glass in Hammond, Indiana, have a team equipped to travel to your home, work (or anywhere that’s convenient for you) to provide support you when you’re most in need. On-site service may be slightly more expensive than in-shop service, but it will save you the time and hassle it otherwise takes to bring in your car during your busy work week.

Road with car and snow.


Consider the Size, Model, and Year of Your Vehicle

Recent innovations in the automobile industry have allowed for the inclusion of built-in defrosters, glare prevention, and rain sensors on today’s auto windshields. Unfortunately, some of these advanced features might increase the cost of your car windshield replacement. If your vehicle requires the latest in auto glass technology, you’ll want to ensure that you work with a shop that has experience installing this new generation of materials. Furthermore, make sure to go with a knowledgeable company that will order the correct materials needed for your exact make and model of vehicle. This will help make sure that your replacement is installed correctly with the appropriate considerations made for moulding and other fitting concerns that can affect the security of your car. If the aesthetics of your car are of concern, you can also request that the technicians apply brand decals and other value-preserving details that keep your vehicle looking great.


Ask About Separate Fees for Labor, Parts, & Disposal Costs

Some car windshield replacement companies may have hidden fees for glass disposal or apply a markup on rare parts that can come as a surprise when you receive the bill. Don’t get taken advantage of by these unexpected additional fees. Work with a reliable company like Auto Glass Hammond, who will offer you a free quote upfront and go over any additional fees before starting the job.


If you’re located in Indiana, get in touch with Auto Glass Hammond at 219-989-9550 for a free car windshield replacement quote. They will walk you through the factors that will affect the price of your car windshield replacement and offer a solution that works best for you.