Windsheild Replacement Whiting

Windsheild Replacement Whiting, IN

Many people don’t think about their windshield every day when going down the freeway and often loose site of the fact it is a safety device.  This is exactly what Low Price Auto Glass helps customers in Whiting, IN with, windshield replacement.  If you are not sure who to call or whether or not to call your insurance company, know that many of our patrons found that our prices are so low that they were less than their insurance deductible!  We stand by our name Low Price Auto Glass offering cost effective solutions for our customers in the Lake County area.

We have been serving the community for years offering windshield replacement services and power window repair in the Whiting, IN area.  Using only the highest quality materials and having a huge inventory of in house glass, it allows us to offer our customers a low price service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We understand that it is important for customers to be able to rest assured that they are working with a company that has their best interests in mind and that if something unexpected went wrong months or years after the repair that they will stand behind their work.  This is exactly what we do at Low Price Auto Glass, working with our customers from beginning to end to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

We also work to make the services we offer as easy to use as possible with mobile windshield replacement services.  We serve the Whiting, IN area and the surrounding Lake County community by coming to you if you do not have time to come to the shop.  Give us a call today to learn why people in the community chose Low Price Auto Glass over and over again.  All estimates are free!