Top 5 Reasons People Don’t Replace Windshield Right Away

Have you ever been driving down the street only for a rock to get thrown up at your windshield? Sometimes this sort of thing happens on purpose by a careless teen bent on throwing rocks at passing cars and other times it is simply an accident, no matter what the case is it is something that needs to be fixed. People don’t always realize just how important it is to take care of their windshields crack, large or small, in a timely manner. Instead they take their time and wait. For most of us we would never wait around to fix a crack, but the person waiting has reasons why they are taking their time. Today we discuss the top five reasons why people decide to chance it and drive around with a damaged windshield.

Such an inconvenience

Some people simply don’t want to be hassled with going and getting it fixed. They have other more important things they could be doing at any given time. It is easy to put it off for other things that appear to be more important not considering the consequences of not getting the windshield fixed. It is a complete inconvenience to go get it fixed and no one enjoys sitting around a shop, especially with young children while it is being fixed. The idea of having to find someone to pick you up and drop you off at home while you wait and then drive you back is another hassle and most don’t want to pester others.

Waste of time

This is because not only does it take away from your time by making you have to go get the windshield repaired, but your friends if you are not willing to wait at the shop. These day’s people are extremely busy and having to wait around a shop when you could be getting other things done is anything, but fun. In addition, there is something to be said about your time, it is quite valuable.

Too much money

Not only do you want to avoid wasting time, you also want to avoid wasting money and often people feel by wasting their time that goes out the window too. Either way, they look at it there is an expense in having to get a windshield replaced. The time lost waiting for it to be fixed and the money being spent on having the windshield replace. It seems like a no win proposition when in all reality not spending that money could be more costly in the long run.

It won’t worsen

They wait to have it fixed not realizing that by waiting it is continuing to get worse. A little at a time it gets bigger and bigger. A bigger crack means a more costly crack, this is something that many turn a blind eye to because they don’t even realize it can spread. By getting it fixed when it is just a tiny pinprick can save money and better than anything keep the driver and passenger out of harm’s way.

Not dangerous at all

Once the windshield gets bad it becomes quite hazardous. The owner does not realize how dangerous it is when it is tiny and pushes it to the limit. The problem is that just as fast as it happened in the first place it can become completely dangerous. It can fall in and hurt people while they are driving and glass will go everywhere.

These are the top five reasons why people put off waiting to repair their windshield. It is both dangerous and expensive to wait that long. The sooner the windshield is repaired the more reasonable it might be and the less of a doing physical harm to not just the car, but more importantly the person inside the car.