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How to Protect your Windshield

How to Protect your Windshield

Road with car and snow.

Your windshield is perhaps something you take for granted in your vehicle. We all make sure to check our tyres, check the engine is fine and probably also clean the chassis but we rarely think about the windshield. There is always a chance however that something could hit it and cause a chip or a crack. When that happens you need to do something quickly such as call your local auto glass repair.

Your windshield can be affected by many things and not just the obvious things like debris from the road. Weather has a big impact. Obviously hail can cause problems and large hail stones can chip the glass. Rain, though, can also cause problems over time as, when it rains heavily, the driver often puts the wipers on full which can cause huge amounts of friction. This can lead to the glass becoming scratched or even broken.

You should check your windscreen wipers regularly, preferably once a month. You should search for any wear and tear and you should ideally change the wiper blades every year. You should also keep the glass clean so that the wipers are kept in good condition. So, what about rock chips? Is there any way of avoiding them? Well, a lot of chips are caused by simple chance, if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, careful driving can reduce your risk of needing to call auto glass to repair a chip caused by road debris. You are at greatest risk of getting a chip if you are driving directly behind a truck that is laying gravel. Remember to stay at least 200 feet behind the truck and drive slowly. If you are following a car or another kind of vehicle, also make sure to stay a long way back as they could deflect a small piece of gravel on to your windscreen as well.

If something drastic does happen, such as if you need a new windshield, you can get a low cost replacement from auto glass. Alternatively, if you only need minor work doing you can call your local auto glass to get a repair done.